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About ProstDev

ProstDev offers a variety of Information Technology blog posts and educational videos for you to continue learning new things every day.

We know how hard and scary can learning new things be. We know each person learns differently; for this reason, we generate educational content in a written form (blog posts), or in a more visual delivery (videos). We are open to any feedback you can give us, or if you want to suggest new content about a specific technology, you can contact us or you can also comment on any of our content to let us know what you think.

Learn IT now!

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If you've never created content before, but you want to share your knowledge in a blog post, ProstDev is here to help!

We want to help IT (Information Technology) Professionals to be able to share their knowledge. We know what it feels like to want to start doing something new, but feel lost as to where to start or what to do. ProstDev is a safe space for any level of expertise; whether you're just learning, or are already an expert in a technology, we'll be here to help.

ProstDev was founded to help you get started on educational content creation; we want to help to share the information so it can reach whoever needs it in the world. 


Our mission

Alexandra Martinez, Founder

Provide different levels of expertise and knowledge to those who want to keep up with the IT world. Nowadays, we all have to use technology somehow; we can work together to share what we know and what were our struggles to learn.

Helping others will not only give you a great feeling, but you also get to open your mind to accept someone else's point of view. We want to help the teacher to learn from the student, too. This is why you don't need to be an expert on a topic, to be able to contribute here, in ProstDev.


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