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Anypoint Studio 7.11.0: New features overview

Are you already using the newest version of Anypoint Studio? If the answer is yes, let me guide you through the coolest features it has. If the answer is no, go ahead and download it here to start playing with it!

New features

Anypoint Studio includes three new features that you will enjoy as a MuleSoft Developer:

  1. Support for Mule Runtime 4.4.

  2. Correlation ID Management.

  3. Improved Logging Capabilities.

  4. DataWeave Updates (DataWeave 2.4 features!).

  5. Mule Tracing Module.

  6. Feature Flags.

  7. DataWeave 2.4. Including language improvements and new modules.

  8. Read larger-than-memory strings automatically.

  9. New modules, functions, types, annotations, and variables.

  10. Helper functions for handling null values.

  11. “Referenced by” function. Now you can see a list of all flow references to a particular flow/subflow and you also can jump there with a few clicks.

If you are interested in learning more about Mule 4.4 new features, you will find all the details here. Also, if you are an amazing DataWeave programmer, it’s a good idea to take a look at the docs.

As soon as you start your Anypoint Studio installation, you will see the following:

Support for Mule 4.4

In this new version of Studio, you will have available the newest version of the Mule Runtime (4.4). When you create a new project just select Mule Server 4.4.0 EE and start enjoying the new features:

As you can notice you are using the Mule 4.4 version. You will find it everywhere in your project (pom.xml file, dependencies, and so on).

You will also find this version within the mule-artifact.json file:

The new Tracing Module is already in the Mule Palette:

DataWeave 2.4

There are various new DataWeave features, modules, and functions. Let’s try some of them.