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We are pausing new contributors until further notice

Hi ProstDev community,

I've loved every step of the process to make this site what it is today. I loved getting to know new people and teaching new contributors to get started as blog writers or content creators. My time investment in this site has really been worth it.

Unfortunately, I've been accepting new things on my plate lately and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the new responsibilities I'm having. This has made me re-prioritize some things, like ProstDev's new contributors.

I will continue to publish the articles from our current contributors, but I will have to put on pause the new contributions until further notice. The reason is that the available time I have to really pay attention to the new articles has been decreasing over time and I don't want to sacrifice the quality of our content just to get more articles out - quality over quantity 😄

However, our current contributors already know the quality standards and the review/publishing process, which makes it quicker for me to work with their articles.

This site started as a dream. I wanted to help people become content creators without the fear and anxiety that a newbie might experience. I hope I've been able to help some folks with their journey, but it's time to pay attention to other areas in my own journey.

I hope I can continue dedicating more time to this site over time. I love this community and I'm glad I got to work with so many new folks from so many parts of the world.

Thank you so much for your support and I hope we can continue bringing high-quality content to your screen.


  • no new contributors

  • current contributors will continue to write their content

  • not the end of the site, just no new writers for now

- Alex