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Alexandra Martinez

Founder and Content Creator

I review some of the content for ProstDev and help the new authors to get interested in writing. I also write either technical or basic posts that'll help to get familiar with a concept or language.
I give advices to create better and clearer content basing on my experience as content creator.
Hopefully we get to collaborate together!

Kate Welsh

Artist, Activist, Educator

Kate Welsh is a white settler, cis queer disabled community activist, feminist artist and educator. She has edited two books that are now published and is working on a third. She also has written resources and published chapters on disability and sexuality and unpacking ableism. Check out her website for more info.

Sarah De Gasperis

English Enthusiast and Educator

Hi everyone! I love English so much that I studied it and became an English teacher. I have been teaching for over 10 years and have taught in six different countries. My specialty is editing ESL essays, but I have also edited for other fields such as paralegal and resumes. You can find more information about me at



Pravallika Nagaraja

MuleSoft Integration Developer

Hello Friends, "Gaining Knowledge, is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it, is the first step to humanity". Yes, I completely believe in this. I have gained some knowledge and it is time to share it through this platform. My area of expertise is in MuleSoft and other Integration technologies. I am sure someone will be benefited by my blog posts.

Ana Medina

Quality Assurance Engineer

Dynamic, results driven professional with experience in executing projects successfully within the time frame and the highest global quality. I am a committed professional, always looking to improve, persistent and proactive. I have experience with negotiation, de-escalating and solving customer's requirements.

Sagarika Nagaraja

Integration Consultant

Hello everyone! I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technologies. My area of expertise is in Dell Boomi and Webmethods. I also have knowledge in MuleSoft. I believe in the power of positive thinking and I believe in the power of sharing knowledge.

Vikalp Bhalia

MuleSoft Technical Lead

I love to share the knowledge I have acquired working in IT.
My area of expertise is in MuleSoft. I would be happy to help if you have any technical queries or doubts about MuleSoft.
I believe that "sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge." So keep sharing and keep learning.

Sravan Lingam

Technical Writer | MuleSoft Evangelist

I enjoy writing technical articles and posting MuleSoft tutorials on YouTube. One of my most innovative contributions was the “Tic-Tac-Toe” game I built using MuleSoft to show other developers how Anypoint Platform can be used creatively. The IoT integration with MuleSoft is my favorite demo I have given. I love doing something new and as a developer I believe in one thing: 
The more errors you get, the more you learn.

Jyoti Choudhury

MuleSoft Developer

Hello, this is Jyoti, I have been working as MuleSoft Developer for a while now. I believe I learnt a great deal of things from my peers, so here I am, trying to help out the community by sharing what I know.
My area of expertise is MuleSoft and .NET Framework (Old version of it though). I know little bit of Java as well. I love learning new things and expand my knowledge. Apart from being a nerd programmer, I love travelling and photography.
Happy blogging!

Jitendra Bafna (Jacky)

Senior Solution Architect

Overall 12+ years of IT experience and played various roles like Senior Solution Architect, Service Delivery Manager, Lead API Architect, Lead Integration and API Developer.
Expert in MuleSoft Catalyst launch and platform setup like Anypoint VPC, VPN and DLB, Client and Identity Management, Environment setup.
Expert in various enterprise integration architecture like reliability patterns, API led connectivity, microservices, staged event driven architecture.

Edgar (Yucel) Moran

Software Engineer

Hi!, my name is Edgar Moran, I like to share all the knowledge I have acquired from my experience, I have worked for 10 years developing on the Salesforce platform and the last 4 years using MuleSoft.
Getting into integrations is one of the most challenging things but also one of the sources of knowledge that has helped me to connect with others.
Always happy to collaborate and help others.

Neat Computer Desk

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