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Guidelines to submit your content in ProstDev

Thank you for your interest in creating a post with us! We've been getting more articles lately but our bandwidth to review them is a bit decreased at the moment. Because of this, the time we spend reviewing the posts will need to be reduced.

We want to keep serving our readers with great quality content, so our quality standards will have to be enforced by you before sending your application. Once you've taken care of the following guidelines, we can start the review process.

If your contribution does not comply with the standards, your application might be delayed or rejected.

  1. Your article needs to be created in Google Docs before submitting.

  2. Please make sure your document has the appropriate editing access for us to make editions to your file.

  3. The title of your article must be 100 characters or less.

  4. The contents of your article must be between 500 and 1,500 words. Note that specific content within the article (like tables or code blocks) might make the article longer than it is. If this is the case, please let us know when you submit your application or create gist files for the code (next point).

  5. Any code blocks with more than 5 lines of code must be replaced with public gist files. Please read this Article Formatting section for more information.

  6. If you copy/paste quotes, pictures, or code from other sites, you need to provide the link where you got it from. We don't accept any form of plagiarism.

  7. We will reject content that clearly has not been proofread before submitting. To proofread your content, you can use services or systems that check your grammar, like Grammarly; or ask a friend to review your content first.

  8. Once you've taken care of all these, you can submit your content here.

Once you submit your content, we might take between 1-2 weeks to get back to you, depending on our current content queue. Any missed guideline/standard from the previous list will result in either a rejection or further delays for your review process.

If your content is reviewed on time and follows the appropriate standards, we can publish your content as soon as 2 weeks. If further editions are required from your side, the publishing date will be extended. Any round of editions might add an additional week to the publishing date depending on our queue. Please be patient.

To make sure you read through these standards, please comment below so we know you read them :)

Thank you!