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ProstDev’s New Blog Post Template

Hi there! You’re probably here because you want to create a blog post with us. Awesome! Let’s get started.

If you’re a new writer, please take a moment to read through this post to understand the different guidelines and standards when publishing in ProstDev. Also, feel free to look at the other content creation articles to read about best practices and tips for writing: Content Creation articles.

  1. Google Doc Template

  2. Activating Word Count

  3. Blog Post Title (under 100 characters)

  4. Excerpt (max. 140 characters)

  5. SEO Description (max. 500 characters)

  6. Article Formatting

  7. Start the Review Process


If you’re not familiar with any of the following tools/terms, please take a moment to get acquainted with them before starting this guide.

1. Google Doc Template

First of all, open the following Google Doc template to have a starting point:

Make sure to be logged in to Google Drive, or click on the “Sign In” button in the top right corner.

Top right corner when you’re not signed in.
Top right corner when you’re not signed in.

Top right corner after you’re signed in.
Top right corner after you’re signed in.

After this, you can select File > Make a copy.

Change the name and select in which folder you want to save it. Click “OK.”

Now you can start editing the template with your own content!

Note: Please continue using Google Docs to create your post because the review process will happen on this platform. You can also create your post in other platforms or tools, but you’ll then have to move the content into a Google Doc to continue with the process.

2. Activating Word Count

This is a neat trick that I always use when I’m reviewing or writing a post. In your Google Doc, select Tools > Word count.