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Universal API Management, Anypoint Flex Gateway, and API Governance


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As you are aware that recently MuleSoft has introduced Universal API Management capabilities via Flex Gateway and API Governance components as part of Anypoint Platform. These two components are very important as a part of API lifecycle management and those will help to manage any APIs using a single platform and ensure that whatever API specs that you are designing are with best practices and all security aspects have been taken care of during API design.

Universal API Management

Universal API Management allows you to manage, govern, or secure the APIs within a single control plane, it doesn’t matter whether they are Mule or non-Mule APIs or where they are located (on-premise, cloud, or anywhere).

  • It will allow the organizations or enterprises to control, manage, and secure the APIs under a single umbrella.

  • Adapt any architecture with a lightweight and flexible API Gateway to manage and secure the APIs.

  • Govern all APIs under a single platform.

Anypoint Flex Gateway

Flex Gateway is ultrafast and manages the APIs running anywhere.

  • Secure and Manage APIs located anywhere.

  • Extend Anypoint Platform capabilities to Mule as well as non-Mule APIs.

  • Achieve consistent security and governance across every API operating in any environment.

  • Flex Gateway can be used in local or connected mode.

What are the benefits of Flex Gateway?

  • Flex gateway is an ultra-fast gateway that can be used for any APIs (MuleSoft or Non-MuleSoft APIs), deployed anywhere (Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Customer Hosted, etc.).

  • Easily manage all the APIs within your organization from a single platform and under a single umbrella.

  • Extend the Anypoint Platform Capabilities to Mule and non-Mule APIs.

  • Secure, discover, govern, or engage the APIs (Mule and non-Mule APIs).

  • Set up the Flex Gateway easily in 2 modes (Local and Connected).

  • Adapt any architecture with a lightweight and flexible API Gateway to manage and secure the APIs.

Can we apply any out-of-the-box, as well as custom API policies to APIs, published to Flex Gateway?

Yes, you can apply any out-of-the-box as well as custom policies to APIs published to Flex Gateway. You can apply API Manager alerts and view APIs metrics.

Is Flex Gateway part of a 30-day free trial Anypoint Platform account?

Yes, you can find Flex Gateway as part of a 30-day free trial Anypoint Platform account.

Where to find MuleSoft documentation for Flex Gateway overview?

Here is the link:

How to upgrade Flex Gateway?

Here is the link explaining how to upgrade Flex Gateway:

How to uninstall Flex Gateway?

Here is the link explaining how to uninstall Flex Gateway:

What is the shared responsibility for Flex Gateway between MuleSoft and you?

Here is the MuleSoft document explaining the shared responsibility model for Flex Gateway:

What authentication mechanism is supported for installing Flex Gateway?

There are three types of authentication mechanisms supported for installing Flex Gateway:

  • Anypoint Username and Password

  • Auth Token

  • Connected App

Where can Flex Gateway be set up?

Flex Gateway can be set up on three different operating systems:

  • Install Flex Gateway as a Linux Service.