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DataWeave programming challenge #5: Reverse a phrase's words, but keep the punctuation


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This challenge is based on Codeacademy's Reverse Words challenge

Try to solve this challenge on your own to maximize learning. We recommend you refer to the DataWeave documentation only. Try to avoid using Google or asking others so you can learn on your own and become a DataWeave expert!


Consider the following input payload (can be of txt format):

Hello world
May the Fourth be with you
Hello world!
With you, be May the Fourth
With you, be May the Fourth!

Explanation of the problem

Create a DataWeave script that will reverse the order of each one of the words in a phrase to form a new phrase. Each phrase or sentence is separated by a new line. Each word is separated by a space. However, the punctuation signs (! and ,) will have to stay in the same place. Lower/upper cases can be kept as-is.

For example:

  • "Hello world!" becomes "world Hello!"

  • "With you, be May the Fourth!" becomes "Fourth the, May be you With!"

Expected output

In this case, the expected output would be:

  "world Hello",
  "you with be Fourth the May",
  "world Hello!",
  "Fourth the, May be you With",
  "Fourth the, May be you With!"

ℹ️ Note: You can keep the output as a JSON or as a text, whatever your preference is.


If you're stuck with your solution, feel free to check out some of these clues to give you ideas on how to solve it!

Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3

Clue #4


If you haven't solved this challenge yet, we encourage you to keep trying! It's ok if it's taking longer than you thought. We all have to start somewhere ✨ Check out the clues and read the docs before giving up. You got this!! 💙

There are many ways to solve this challenge, but you can find here my solution. I'm sure you all can make it better! :) Mine is super long 😂

Solution #1

I also recorded myself coming up with the solution, but without explanations. Just some lo-fi music and a screen :) you can leave the video in the background while working! :D let me know if you find this useful.

Feel free to comment your code below for others to see! 😄

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